Guaranteed For Life – Get this deal !

Buy a Tilley Hat and it is “Guaranteed For Life” –  Tilley Endurables (US)

Available in: Canada,United States of America

the return or the refund amount will be adjusted to deduct the full retail price of the free gift.
What is your Hat Guarantee Policy?

If your Tilley Hat is a Lifetime Guarantee Hat and wears out due to:

normal wear and tear
poor workmanship
faulty material

we’ll repair or replace your Hat.

*TIP! If you are unsure whether your Tilley Hat has the Lifetime Guarantee, simply look at the woven label inside your Hat. It will tell you if your Hat is covered.

When is my Tilley Hat NOT covered by the Guarantee?

If your Tilley Hat is not a Lifetime Guarantee Hat or is damaged due to:

improper care

we will not replace your Hat.*

* Tilley Endurables customer service department reserves the right to determine what constitutes normal wear and tear, poor workmanship, faulty material, misuse and/or improper care.

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