General Questions

What Is Couponiacs.com?

Couponiacs.com is a site that is dedicated to providing you with coupon codes. If you have shopped online in the past, it's likely that you have noticed a “promotion code," “coupon code" or something similar during the checkout process. We scour the Internet for those coupon codes so you can use them and purchase your items at a lower price.

Is Couponiacs.com all about online coupons?

While we mainly provide online coupons for free, but we also offer other services such as providing you with awesome deals and bundles from specific brands or shopping sites.

Why do sellers offer coupon codes instead of pricing the item cheaper?

There are plenty of reasons why companies offer coupon codes. However, sellers typically provide coupon codes to specific groups of people. We obtain those coupon codes and place it on our site. In other cases, sellers will provide us with their coupon codes to entice new visitors to their site. 

What is the catch of these free coupon codes?

Some people get cautious when something is given for free. It's the reason why some people are wary of online coupons. There's no need to worry as in most cases there are zero drawbacks. In some situations, a seller may ask for some information before honoring the coupon code.

Sellers typically absorb the cost as it's usually cheaper to offer discounts rather than spend on a full marketing campaign.

How do I start using Couponiacs.com?

There are two ways you can start using our site. You can either navigate through the categories. Or, you can search for a specific brand or retailer coupon code in our website.

Is there a need to sign-up?

There's no need to signup to view our coupon codes. However, we highly suggest that you subscribe to our mailing list so you'll be notified on the latest and best coupons we have uncovered.

How do I use the coupons?

Once you have found a coupon that you like, the first step is to copy the code. Then on the shopping site, be on the lookout for a “coupon code" field or something similar. Just paste the coupon code on the field.

Do I need to print a copy of the coupon I used?

In most cases, the answer is no. Digital coupons are redeemable without involving real papers. In rare instances, some shopping sites and brands may require you to print the coupons as a part of the process.

In some stores, the price will automatically change after pasting. While others, you may have to click the “submit" button or something similar.

The coupon code is not working - did I do something wrong?

If the code is not working, the first thing to check is to make sure that the coupon code is accurate.

If the code still doesn't work, then it's possible that the coupon code is already expired. This occasionally happens when the shopping site suddenly updates their coupon codes, and our database hasn't yet been notified.

Can I submit a coupon?

Yes. You can navigate to the top section and click “Submit Coupons" icon or you could go here.

My Question is not here. How can we reach you?

If in case you have further inquiries, please send it over through our Contact page.

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