Progrexion is a marketing organization that is proud to have the opportunity to offer products aimed at improving their customer’s financial standing, however, they are a for-profit business with financial goals of their own. Their work at home service positions are paid based on an hourly rate and they do provide an additional bonus structure to drive performance. They provide a financial stepping stone for many of their consumers. They also provide more answers to many different financial situations, not just credit repair. The organisation’s goal is to provide financial credit education to every consumer they talk to, hoping to build the understanding that credit will be at the core of most large financial decisions in their lives.

Progrexion like any other company experiences change. Change for the good is always the goal. The HR teams provide support to their sales team and do not favor employees. The organization is proud of their Phoenix leadership and their ability to focus on their core values consistently. Their business choices are always made by the organization’s agents and clients’ best interest is always at heart.

Many of the organization’s sales are paid above their base wage due to their hard work and dedication to their consumers. The organization is proud to be able to offer an uncapped commission structure, allowing sales agents to make the most of their compensation. Many agents with no prior sales experience working with the organization to develop their sales skills and see success. Being able to offer a service that works to change lives for the better is a compelling and meaningful profession and helps to keep the organization’s outstanding sales staff motivated for the right reasons.

Progrexion operates a highly competitive and fast-paced market that is highly regulated. They take part in multiple annual compliance audits and are proud of their untarnished record. Recently it has been named as one of the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing private companies in America.  They take pride in offering their services to those in need, and they take their concerns very seriously. They take the necessary measures to ensure that they operate ethically and well within the laws that govern their industry.

They take part in compliance audits which always meet and exceed the standards. Progrexion does not engage in fraudulent sales tactics or credit repair behaviors. The organization is confident that the employees who follow their core guiding values have a fulfilling experience while at the company. Progrexion values the personal development opportunities they offer to their tenured employees.

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As passionate advocates of their consumers, they constantly strive to set the highest standards in the industry for professionalism and oppose any pushy, unethical or dishonest sales tactics. The sales team are designed to capitalize on the strength of the unique personalities, experiences, and skills of the group to meet sales goals. They encourage people to gain a strong understanding of the credit repair industry and Progrexion values.