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Carrying several brands of the finest porcelains, ceramic and glass pieces, it’s more than a delight to choose from these amazing varieties. Take your pick for your own use or as a perfect present for your family and friends for any occasion. Buying from Porzallentreff can guarantee you a seal of excellence matched with superior after-sales service fit for royalty.

Collections on sale
High-quality doesn’t have to so expensive because Porzallentreff enables you to shop on reasonable prices with their amazing coupons and deals. Buyers can go bargain-shopping or wait for their seasonal sale to get the most price-cut for that tableware you’ve been eyeing on all summer. Their collections on sale gives you pre-arranged pieces to set up that mood for a cozy evening or a hearty family feast. Get all giddy with crystal glasses from Villeroy and Boch to enjoy your wine night or with colorful porcelain plates from Thomas Sunny Day – all for a fair price. Coveting that cutlery set for months? Indulge in Sambonet PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) cutlery. The vintage effects come in gold, copper, black or champagne. Hurry now, as these items are available only while stocks last.

Clearance Items
Just like fashion that gets outdated over time, suppliers also update their catalog to conform to the changing needs of their customers. Manufacturers perpetually enhance their designs and technique as well. Go over the discontinued lines section to check out what’s in store for you. From Arzberg, you can avail of classic household items like tea cups, tea saucers, and plates in beautifully-made porcelain. For both functional and artsy pieces, go over the Rosenthal line. They have attractive designs to choose from, ornately incorporated onto their platters, saucier or tureen. The Riedel glasses comes in 2 pcs per set are a steal. The glass series boasts of fine craftsmanship to produce excellent quality crystals letting you enjoy your wine with elegance and class. Dining is not the only pleasure for the sense of taste but also a visual experience as you use exquisite dinnerware to complete a fabulous meal.

Voucher codes
Thinking what to give a relative or a newly-wed couple as a present? No worries, as Porzellantreff voucher takes care of it for you. Purchase it online and an email will be sent to you with a porzellantreff coupon code confirming the transaction. Print the code and give as a present or send it as an email to your friends. So fast and easy transaction right in the comfort of your own homes. The vouchers come in denominations of 10 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros up to 100 euros and 250 euros. If that’s not convenient enough for you.

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